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Find your ideal opportunities for success.

Our Story

Our organization is founded on the idea that every high schooler should have access to great opportunities. After experiencing the difficult and stressful process of sifting through countless websites ourselves, we created Cogo to put an end to that cycle.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect high schoolers using our comprehensive database of pre-screened internships, leadership positions, volunteering programs, and much more. Now, you can skip the stressful cycle of excessive research and cold calling and easily find the perfect opportunity for you!

Why Cogo?

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Cogo seeks to bring the newest and best opportunities to match any student's needs! We are an accessible service that strives to connect you with your ideal opportunities. 

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Cogo pre-screens all opportunities to ensure what we promote is safe and beneficial. With Cogo, you can safely apply for internships, leadership teams, and volunteer positions!

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